100 Hectares Sousão Red 75cl


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Produzido a partir da casta Sousão, proveniente das melhores vinhas desta região Duriense, este vinho apresenta um aroma encantador e imediatamente sedutor, com fruta preta, madeiras exóticas, especiarias doces, cacau tostado. Cremoso, texturado, profundo, com taninos finos, acidez perfeita, final austero e longo, um Douro em cheio.

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“The land was not given to us by our parents, but lent by our children”

The history of 100HECTARES wines begins in the early 1970s, when the Brás e Cigarro family – with a huge passion for the Douro region – made large investments in the purchase and renovation of properties located in the Douro – Baixo Corgo sub-region. The family's farms are the origin of their wines, and production is made exclusively from grapes from their properties, something that is at the heart of the family's production philosophy.

For some time, the majority of production made from their vineyards was sold to competitors in the region, but in 2009, André and Filipe Brás wanted to make a profit from their own production of raw materials, making wine with an estimated value of between 30% and 40% of grapes. Some surplus production is transferred to producers in the region, and full production under our own brand is not yet possible.

The duty to pass on the legacy from generation to generation is a feeling rooted in the family.

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